Anubhav Dubey a 22-year-old boy who belonged to a middle-class family and was preparing for UPSC exam started Chai Sutta Bar with his friend Anand Nayak since they always wanted to start a food venture of their own. Later their friend Rahul Patidar also joined them and the team became stronger.

Their idea was to serve Indian tradition on the bar table by serving authentic chai and coffee. It was started in Indore in July 2016.

Because of the uniqueness and high-quality taste, the venture got famous and within just a span of year many more outlets were started. Today,  we are successfully running 66 outlets all over India with great service.


Why CSB?

Unique concept

We invite all our customers to become saviours of mother earth as we serve chai in a kulhad. Moreover, the chai stays steaming hot, be it summers or a bone-chilling winter!

Fast & Best Service

Good things take time… but we at Chai Sutta Bar don’t keep you waiting! Our happiness is providing our customers with the best service! Customer-friendly staff


We at Chai Sutta Bar understand our responsibility towards Mother Nature and make sure we fulfil it each day with every eco- friendly kulhad of happiness we serve to you!

Smoking Prohibited

At Chai Sutta Bar, it is our priority to take care of our customers and so, smoking is prohibited at every outlet of the Chai Sutta Bar. Instead, indulge yourselves in the mesmerizing aroma of fresh chai leaves or the tantalizing taste of a refreshing kulhad of chai!

Many Varieties

 Is it masala chai or elaichi ? or would you prefer some ginger or a rose chai? well then, how about a sweet sweet kulhad of chocolate chai? we at Chai Sutta Bar have a chai for every mood!

Great Taste

Be it after a 4-hour lecture or a tiring day at the office, we all have a 4 pm chai break. What makes it even more fun is that we use high-quality milk and the best authentic ingredients to help you savour the goodness of chai!


India is a fast-changing, fast-paced and fast-developing nation and we at Chai Sutta Bar want to grow with our country. We want to reach a myriad of places by opening at least 200 outlets to fulfil the demand of hygienic chai. We would start the contribution to the upliftment of people from our own outlets by motivating people who work with us.
We picture a youth which knows no ‘sutta breaks’, only hygienic and eco-friendly ‘chai breaks’!


Chai Sutta Bar is serving more than 10 types of chai and 142+ menu.