Chai Sutta Bar envisions to make chai more the go-to drink for all Indians. We have opened 200 outlets across India to cater to the growing demands of Hygienic tea. Our aim is to motivate our country’s youth to reduce cigarette consumption and take on a healthier alternative like chai.

Unique Concept

We are serious about our environment. Thus, we serve chai to our customers in a Kulhad.

Great Taste

Our chai is fun and tasty because we make sure to use only top-quality milk. Also, the other ingredients we use for our chai is of superior quality.

Restricting Smoking

We want to take care of customers and mean only well. So, at Chai Sutta Bar, we prohibit smoking.

Myriad of Choices

Be it elaichi or masala chai, we have it all. When it comes to options, you are going to be spoilt for choices. At Chai Sutta Bar, we have a chai for every mood.


We believe we should all be responsible for our acts when it comes to our environment. So, we go to every length to do our part and keep the environment clean.

Great Ambience

You are going to enjoy the ambience we have at our chai bar. We have the best playlist that will keep you entertained and add to your delightful experience.

Our Story

We aim at becoming an inspirational food venture by serving the goodness of chai, the Indian beverage on a bar table. At Chai Sutta Bar we keep the prices affordable. To maintain hygiene, we serve chai only in Kulhad.

Our ultimate aim to expand Chai Sutta Bar across India. To date, we have 200 outlets to gratify the market demand for hygienic tea that will motivate our customers to reduce their cigarettes.

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