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The vision of CSB is to deliver our unique cultural blend and values to each corner of this world. Started 4 years back, we have accomplished great tasks and achieved incredible milestones. 150+ outlets, 70+ cities, countless kulhads, and global presence say it all. Without any boundaries, CSB is now spreading with wings made of people’s love and affection.

Franchise partners of CSB are enjoying massive margins and impeccable growth every year. It’s super easy to start a journey with a tested, tried, and high ROI-driven business model. Chai becoming the most consumed beverage, this industry has vast growth potential.

Take the first step and become a part of the family that is ever-growing. Partner with the Most Trusted Brand in the market.

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    Franchise Models

    FOFO (Franchise Owned Franchise Operated)

    In this model, the Company just rents out the Brand Name to the Franchise operator for a particular non-refundable sum also said to be – Franchise Fee for an agreed interval of time.

    COCO (Company Owned Company Operated)

    This can be said to be another outlet of the Company which is completely owned and operated by the Company. From setting the store to running it, the company does it all. It’s not related to a Franchise outlet.

    Types of Outlets​​​​

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