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Back in 2016, Anubhav Dubey realized that chai and coffee have a long way to go. He was on the verge of discovering India’s most loved, most admired, and most popular Chai Chain Brand that would soar high across the globe. In no time, Chai Sutta Bar spread its footprints across the globe with 325+ outlets in 175+ cities. Anand Nayak and Rahul Patidar felt the same way about Anubhav’s unique and fascinating idea. Thus, Chai Sutta Bar was born, bringing to the table an interesting fusion of western vibes blended with the royal Indian culture of serving chai to its customers and guests. This wonderful idea was successful in touching the hearts of every customer. The team at Chai Sutta Bar has been striving hard to take the brand across oceans with their spirits and heads held as high as they could be. The sparkling idea of serving chai in kulhad’s spread like a wildfire, attracting people from different strata of society. Over 4 lakh kulhads are used on a daily basis and the numbers don’t seem to stop. The motto of Chai Sutta Bar behind using soil-based kulhad is to protect our Mother Earth from harmful plastic substances.

Elaichi chai

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CSB is marching forward with a mission to bring a smile to everyone’s face in the world. We are committed to serving the highest quality of goods and beverages on demand. With this vision, we aim to blend our Indian culture, rich in values and morals, with the world’s ever-advancing ambiance to deliver an unforgettable experience for everyone.


We are on a mission to get our Kulhad Chai across the globe and get customers to taste it. CSB works on the principle of providing excellent customer service and experience. It is our mission to transform CSB into an ever-growing global brand that dedicatedly works to nurture the happiness of people, thus serving people and society at large.

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